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It is true that Kenya can end poverty. but lacks the will through its leadership to do so. The leaders are the beneficiaries of poverty, hence their resolve to keep the majority in the country poor so they can continue to exploit them. However, until our government and leaders as well as politicians acknowledge their greed and take steps to deal or delink themsleves from corruptive deals, nothing will change. The leaders are the drivers of poverty, e.g. several programs/activities have been undertaken to reduce poverty but we keep hearing about involvement of leaders even things that reduce their stature or values to zero - taking funds belonging to the poor including IDP's - the most vulnereable and poor lot. Until our leaders stop being the main drivers of powerty, however much development partners pump into our country - agriculture, education, health etc. poverty will remain with us for a long long time to come. Empowering the youth alone will not help reduce poverty. The main action required to end poverty is to delink our politicians/current leadership from heading the resource portfolio and confine them to what they do best - talking. This way empowering the majoirty and the youth could be a first step to reducing poverty to an acceptable level or improving the poor's standard of living.