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Submitted by Benjamin Kaingbanja on

The Government of Sierra Leone is one marked my unconstrained greed, corruption and lack of empathy for the poor (who are 95% of the Ebola Victims). I suggest that the World Bank invest in Sierra Leone only on tangeble things such as Hospital buildings. The Government of Sierra Leone had to used school buildings to house Ebila patients. Thereby potentially putting the life of school kids at risk upon their return to classes.. The schools were use as makeshift hospital because there is no hospital structures in Sierra Leone that has a capacity to house 300 patients at once. The hospital structures the colonial masters left behind are the only ones at our disposal. The government of Sierra Leone will rather spends ifunds on buying ammunitions to kill it's own citizenry that expresses opposition to there corruption and ineptness instead of building hospital. Funding structural investment will leave little room for embezzlement of donor ffunds. And also, donations to the government should be done in phases. That way, expenditures will be audited from one phases before proceeding to another phases.