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Submitted by Daniel M. Koroma on

Many of the Sierra Leoneans I know in the diaspora want to come invest in their country Sierra Leone but don't have the startup capital. For instance,I will be completing my B.S.B.A program in July of this year with a special concentration in management. I like to start an import and export enterprise but again the major barrier i am also experiencing like many others is access to startup capital. So I think this is one main key area World Bank could make a huge difference in the drive for post Ebola recovary and development plans. This single solution will make an immediate impact in the recovery process. Secondly, the current banking service system in SL is doing an okay job but in my personal opinion it could use an improvement in regards to implementing suitable policies and procedures in working with the diaspora investment groups and individuals. Right now the way the banking system is setup is very difficult to access funds or conduct business transactions directly with banks in Sierra Leone. The communication system needs a major overhaul. Cost-efficent IT system is in high demand nationwide. To effectively compete in the global market Sierra Leone needs a strong IT inforstuctur. Last but not least, we need an internetwork system spicificly with the private segtor and government, international banks and local banks, venture capitalists and Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora. I think this will be a good start for a strategic win win partnership in social and economic development for Sierra Leone. Invest in the people in-turn the government, customers and shareholders gain profit. I hope this helps....D