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Yes, it can but depends mainly on the following factors, among others: 1. African countries must democratize themselves, first and foremost. 2. African leaders have to be prepared and be able to solve their inter- and intra-African problems and conflicts free from any colonial legacies, and present outside influences, and show the true dignity of Africa as the home of the origin of the Human Race by acting in a humane and civilized manner to resolve such problems. 3. Africa should try to depend on its own human and natural resources for its survival and development and not expect outside aid in this respect. 4. Africa must be in command of its own human and natural resources and be able to manage and administer them with the whole participation of its people's choice and voice in a very democratic way. 5. African countries should establish the essential systems of government based on Law and Order and re-establish the African Union as a formidable entity and force to reckon with in the present Global World.