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Well not really. But people should get it clear that Africa will not survive on Western mercy. I am a stronger supporter of president elect-Barack Obama,---let me be clear about this I am not expecting and DO NOT want favors in terms of financial aid at any point. African countries are still stark with debts of which many of them were given during the cold war. This is America, as a realist as Obama can be. He will of course put forward US interests... Giving more money to those in support of the fight against terrorism there by making a dis-equilibrium in global economies. This will be the same wine in an old bottle. African needs are: Fair trade, a need to add value on its home products, revision of intellectual property rights. We need to think further and compare and contrast USA and Africa at large. Both these blocks have something in common. Guess what? Agricultural sector. The USA will never give up to her farmers in small towns—who always have a bargain using their voting power, as always the existing administration in power to win the minds of US farmers will give substantive subsidies. Just of recent, the amount of debt relief to Africa was equivalent to the the amount of subsidies given to western farmers. This distort the international market where African would be the a lion in a jungle given her cheap labor and organic food it produces. One more time, African doesn’t need more aid to accumulate debts, what the world needs to know is the unfair trade which Ghadi referred to as immoral. Lets re-think again and act, lets abolish subsidies just for the sake of African development. Africa is seek of it.