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Submitted by Robert Shirima on

Foremost it’s for we Africans to open our eyes so that we see and act accordingly. The main issue here is not financial aids to develop our economies, but how ready are we to receive and work transparently to ensure wise use of those aids from US. Currently there are many African countries financed by US in different sectors to boost their economies. The observation shows that there are misuse of these aids, hence the need of closer follow-up by the donors. The US policy towards Africa is good from very beginning, but the new US Africa is expected to take from where it was in a supersonic speed. Thus, thinking on how to cope with the said speed, we need to have stable political and democratic countries. Only these will make Africa enjoying the new US Africa.

Moreover the African governments should check closely the all US policies towards Africa politically, economically and in terms of peace and security. We all know the war before us against terrorism. Every government needs to work closely with US on how to fight against this war. We know many other developed countries like US are working hard to support the US policy on international terrorism. When terrorists bomb a certain affiliated country with US they implement two things, first is to let down the receiving country and secondly is to show superiority against US on security matters. This is what took place in Kenya and Tanzania, these led the two countries to wake up and see terrorism as a priority issue in security matters. Therefore, Africa is hoping to receive a lot from the new US Africa.