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It is so sad that Uganda contributed immensely to the freedom enjoyed in Southern Sudan but the private sector in Uganda reluctantly failed to tap into the vast investment opportunities. Nevertheless, in Southern Sudan there more Ugandans foreigners than its East African counter-part but they are only running mediocre businesses like bodaboda, street vendors while as Kenyans and Tanzanians are running big businesses like banks, breweries etc. I believe the private sector can't do it alone, Uganda government needs to come in and support eligible SME's by giving them access to finance and needs to foster entrepreneurship and innovation through skills development and business support services, just to mention a few. Red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy at Uganda government institutions is also an obstacle for the privates sector to exploit available structures. Uganda needs to focus on agriculture to become the food basket for the region, it is suitable to feed the region if the government has the will to help this industry.