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Submitted by Hellena Kasujja on
Thank you Rachel and Ronald.If Uganda was a company it would be in the annals of history.What is stopping Uganda from moving forward is lack of strategic focus.We make wonderful National development plans and their resultant sectoral Investment and strategic plans but do follow them.How far have we gone in as far as the last NDP is concerned. The CEO and line managers of Uganda have to wake and not blame Ugandans for being lazy and fun loving as the source of their misery. Back to Agriculture well aware that its the back borne of our economy how much of the budget goes to Agriculture? less than 10%. How much do farmers lose no matter that they are scattered in post harvest handling losses?,actually how much land is opened for agriculture? Any irrigation scheme beyond Kibuku that i learn't about in primary geography? We here of the low nutrients in the soils.Has the government done any comprehensive tests on the soils? If not what was their basis of crop zoning.Have we done as a nation any massive work in as far as tree planting is concerned to preserve our climate? We only say the problem is rain fed agriculture and what is our solution.We want promote Genetically Engineered crops to help "improve incomes of the poor farmers". How much Cotton have we harvested ever since we started taxing the farmers with a levy? Farmers are as prudent as any other investor,they make a loss once and they will retreat by planting less the next season hence ensuring a profitable season.Go to government programs like NAADs, you give a person who is food insecure 2 piglets and maize bran.What do they do first,eat the maize bran and the piglets follow and then when you come to ask they will say the NAADS pigs died.They are not theirs.This tells us that citizens have to be engaged for meaningful development processes.As for corruption i cannot say much its nauseating and my bet is that its not about to abet! I think Uganda needs an overhaul not just kick starting.