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Your Comments on Africa's Successes

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The African Successes post has generated a vigorous exchange of ideas.  I appreciate receiving your comments on the study, your suggestions for success stories, and your views on development approaches that have worked and those that have not.  

Many of you felt, as I do, that we need to highlight Africa’s recent successes.   Your responses voiced strong support for a focus on education, knowledge and dissemination, health, private-sector development, agriculture (irrigation and fertilizer), community-level development, governance, infrastructure, and information and communication technology.  

Your unique experiences and observations provided valuable insights.  Some of you questioned the usefulness of transferring successful models.   Whether you agreed or disagreed with the thrust of the study and its approach, your comments were thoughtful and provided a basis for further discussion and discourse. 

Thank you for contributing to the rich discussion on development achievements and successes in Africa. 
As we progress with the study and develop in-depth case studies, we will post them on this blog and other websites.  I look forward to continuing this robust exchange of ideas and experiences.


Submitted by oyelakin oluwatosn on
The only virus that has been plagueing Africa and which has been major impediment to growth and development in every facet is " Bad leadership" sincerely not only when this monster is confronted and defeated then will Africa grow. Besides corruption, Intellectual capacity need to be developed not just relying on what nature has given to us but harnessing it to developed other areas of human endeavour is equally important. Take a cue from Nigeria for instance, that Nation was doing very great prior to the oil boom , oil discovery eventually change the entire history of the nation from viability to vulnerability to everything negative in life.Nigeria used to be generating revenue from different sectors but now it has turn to a monoresource based country- reason is traceable to bad leaderaship which breed corruption and economic downturn. Poverty they say its Africa's major problem but i believe poverty is not our problem but a result of what is got when corruption reign,poor leadership in place and priorites are misplaced. The way foreward is simple we need to confront corruption and bad system of government in Africa. developed both human and natural resouces through investment in education and research, by so doing in few years to come African dependency on foreign aid will drastically reduced.

Submitted by Kalifa Kamagate on
I totally agree with this point. Indeed Africa problem is governance issue and resource allocation. Our leaders have come to the idea that the country belongs to them and the income from its resource as well. The lack of proper democracy and impartial justice are the bottom causes of bad governance witnessed accross the continent. Once these problems are tacled and an emphasis on adequat resource allocation then the poverty level will be reduced and the dependency from the ineternational aid will also decrease.

Submitted by Anonymous on
Good governance is the key to all African problems.Hence the need for good electoral system.

Submitted by Poor Child on
Africa has all it takes to be the richest continent on earth but the problem with most of us is that we think we can't succeed unless we travel abroad. If we work hard in Africa like the way we do abroad, there would be no poverty and hunger in Africa. I think another problem facing Africa today is "brain-drain" or maybe "false ideas".

Submitted by bala on
I woul like to congratulate you on running the blog on African development . I have some doubts as follows 1.Why transport is not included in MDGs. 2. At least access should have been included in MDGs. 3. Road transportation means construction of roads.Can it solve rural travel problems. 4. There is no organised state-run public transportation system in rural areas to reduce transprot costs - how the roads will help to reduce poverty alleviation. 4. some of the countries are highly dependent on agricultural which is rain-fed and linited to subsidence- how the economies of these countries will make progress thanks

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