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Africa's Pulse Issue 2 - October 2010



























The second issue of Africa's Pulse was released on October 8, 2010. It provides the following analysis on African countries:

1. Recent economic trends and prospects
2. Trends in country policies and institutions
3. Progress toward the MDGs


Summary of findings:

  • Before the global economic crisis, Sub-Saharan Africa was enjoying over a decade of policy improvements and strong growth, averaging more than 5 percent a year in 2000-08.
  • Thanks to this policy-driven growth and improved service delivery, the region saw an impressive acceleration in progress toward the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Despite a decline in the payoff to economic reforms during the global crisis, African policymakers continued to implement sensible economic policies.
  • Although Sub-Saharan Africa was hit hard by the crisis, growth has rebounded and the region is experiencing a broad-based recovery.
  • The crisis has set back progress on the MDGs. But as the countdown to 2015 begins, the region is well positioned to ramp up momentum on achieving the MDGs.


Download Africa's Pulse Issue 2 (PDF document)