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Africa's Pulse Volume 3 - April 2011

The third issue of Africa's Pulse was released on April 13, 2011. It provides the following analysis on African countries:

1- GDP growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is back on track
2- Rising commodity prices
3- Exports rebound but remain highly concentrated in one or two commodities

Summary of findings:

  • The global economic recovery is continuing, led by robust domestic demand in developing countries.
  • But global prospects are exposed to numerous risks.
  • African countries are back on a path of strong growth, with the region’s GDP projected to expand by 5.3 percent in 2011—above the pre-crisis trend rate.
  • The upward trend in energy and non-energy commodity prices has imparted a net favorable terms of trade shock to many African countries, but the situation could change if oil prices ratchet up sharply.
  • Rising food and fuel prices are fueling inflation pressures, putting more people at risk of hunger and presenting a challenge to macroeconomic management.
  • High food prices and volatility are likely to persist.
  • Exports are rising, but African economies continue to rely heavily on commodity exports.


Download Africa's Pulse Issue 3 (PDF document)


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