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April 2009

Madagascar: From political crisis to economic decline?

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Following weeks of political turmoil, President Marc Ravalomanana resigned on March 17, 2009. The leader of the opposition, Andry Rajoelina, ex-Mayor of Antananarivo, became “President of the Transition Authority” with the support of the army. The transition – increasingly being referred to as a coup by the inter

Economic policy in Africa in light of the global crisis—send your questions

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On Thursday, April 23, 2009, we are holding a seminar on “Economic policy in Africa in light of the global crisis.” The speakers include Emmanuel Tumasiime-Mutabile, the Governor of the Central Bank of Uganda; Lamine Zeine, Minister of Finance of Niger; and Ali Mansoor, Secretary of Finance of Mauritius. I encourage you to send in your questions to this group by 11 a.m. (Washington time) on Thursday, April 23rd. We will read out at least five of the questions received from the blog during the seminar, and report back (on the blog) the answers and comments

Africa: Least integrated but worst hit by the crisis

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Even though it is the least integrated with the global economy, Africa may be the worst hit region by the global economic crisis. Each of the four channels through which the crisis is affecting Africa has a particularly nefarious impact.