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Submitted by Norman Helmas Siales on

I just need some clarifications that all my revenue assets are in their save places. And another thing this extreme deprivations from our International organs and sub-organs along with their conspirators are killing me slowly. I just become homeless here in New York Manhattan, and been making requisitions to those international institutions and governments. Seeking my monetary reliefs in a form of compensation but those opposing parties would just neglect me, deprived me, and had everything under perverting. And I thank you for your respectable time and humble peace in bringing back social justice to our abrupted system. Hope we will strive to uphold its uprighteousness as we see fits and where we could. Now I really need your help with this communication. I am really sick and tired of staying in New York, I mean not NY but these corruptors and conspirators are killing me.

Sincerely yours

Norman Helmas Siales
[email protected]