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Romance and economics

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A friend sent this photograph, with the following caption: “Don't let the recession take the flame out of your romantic lives!  There's always sunshine in Africa! Resourcefulness at its best.... Anything to keep the wheels turning!”

The picture and caption reminded me of the song “Girl, your marginal benefits…” which could be viewed as a painless way to learn microeconomics, or a quirky love song.


Submitted by Mark on
I searched for that "Girl, your marginal benefits..." on Youtube and it looks like you have come up with a world first, Shanta! Who said there were no new ideas? There is always sunshine in Africa.

Economics does not lack important ingredients of a message that includes soul and romance.Most of us are touched emotionally by stories of struggles against obstacles, struggles that sometimes end in success but often in failure. But seldom do the economic narratives convey much, if any, of the human drama that draws people into sympathy with the lesson being taught.

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Submitted by G to the Forrest on
I'm friends with the guy who wrote the song, and let me assure you, there's nothing painless about learning anything if that voice is the one teaching it. But yeah, the song-writing is unparalleled, clearly.

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