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Mr. Ravallion and World Bank people. May I suggest that you regularly visit your blog sites to remove postings that are not consistent with recent evidence. When did judgments by the World Bank become theology? Indisputable? The Truth? The World Bank and the IMF were wrong on Structural Adjustment Policies - which probably caused Africa the most damage since slavery. Both institutions and their staff should ideally be put on trial for crimes against humanity! African civil society,worked hard with our partners in the West to overturn the Washington Consensus; banish SAP; and create a consensus for debt relief. The next effort now will be to encourage African governments to look at WB/IMF reports as they do any other report - worthy of interest at times but mostly destined for the dustbin (just like the WB World Development Report is these days. Nobody reads it.) WB/IMF reports must be made ordinary in order to enable poor countries to do their own research and their own thinking. When I see an Indian and a Bangladeshi or a Greek or a Turk whose countries are no better than most African countries pontificate about Africa and appears to be taken seriously by Africans, then something is terribly terribly wrong.