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Sound economy will depend on the brilliant idea of economist to come up with the most appropriate remedy.Everybody was on the look out the possible remedy to combat the recession. Bailout fund has been the typical remedy. During hard times we need to seek a lot of solutions and back up solutions. We need to be extra vigilant to know how to cope up when things seems to be adverse. An alternative financial plan comes in handy during hard times. The key to financial planning or planning of any sort is to always have a backup plan in case your first idea doesn't work out. One of the first things to do is to make sure you come in under budget every month. Don't spend more than you earn. (This means you, Congress!) Try to put money away into savings, and don't add any more debt if you can help it – this means no credit cards. Use a payday loan if you have to. An alternative financial plan that acts as debt relief and puts more money in your pocket is ideal.