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Submitted by Umar Aminu on
In analysing issues of system failure such as the economic meltdown, we can not afford to neglect the issue of ethics as one of the major sources. The problem has more to do with policy initiators than theory or its application. Superstructure of governance is massonic, doesnt allow things to be known as they really are, but as deformed as the state is. Humanity is being eroded on daily basis as such, everything and/or everybody is a shadow of his or her natural self. Due to want as a result of his misdeeds, man resorts to scheming. Fighting for the little he expect to come, always trying to outwit the other-wether it individual, corporate, regional or international levels. In the aggregate, the world is operating at a superficial level with little or no value added, talkless of replenishment of natural endowments; the result being an inverted system that is corrupted, eating from its little reserves. Until man wakes up to understand the real meaning of humanity and of globalisation, there is really no way to forecast the future correctly. Its like asking the devil to explain something of divinity rightly.