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Submitted by Ibrahim Salihu on
Deciphering the inability of the world so-called economists to ponder on theories so as to foresee the present economic quagmire, cannot be reduced to the issue of theoritical evolution and policy formulations in the developed world. It is rather pertinent to scrutinize theoritical application and policy implementation in relation to the ever increasing and competing demands amongst individuals, corporate bodies and pathetically among nations (developed econommies). Policy supervision in the face of these plethora of complexities and involuntary greed is probably one of the step within other variables that was neglected, which invariably led to market imbalance due to negative practices and outright fraud among major actors in the global economy. The insatiability of human beings has come to its crescendo, and there is increase skepticism of globalization eg the case of Britain and the EU. False and make believe stance in most stock exchanges, banks and other financial institutions need to be checked or rather eliminated Superficial credit economies need to be tenaciously supervised, so as to safe job by regulating overspending (expenditure over netpay). These are stack realities, not forecast that is a product of so many probabilities.