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Submitted by Mode Murunganwa on
Tijan Sallah's comment on President Paul Kagame's thoughts on aid to Africa is strange. For instance Tijan says he agrees with Kagame on some issues. Tijan does not indicate areas of agreement. He then creates a false debate. For example Tijan cites large infusion of aid through the Marshal Plan to post-WW2 Europe and development aid to Asia as having been responsible for success - besides sensible policies pursued by aid recipients. Now Kagame does not talk of ending aid now but calls on Africa to concentrate on creation of conditions for ending it, including promotion of dynamic economies, precisely the factors that enabled Europe and now Asia to graduate from aid. So what is your point Tijan? Where did Kagame talk of volumes of aid, or where does he call on funders to stop financial support today or tomorrow other than calling for socioeconomic transformation? Should Africans not even visualize a future where they earn their way economically just like any other societies? Is there no dignified future for the one billion Africans - beyond charity and aid? Kagame believes that Africa, like other societies, should at least debate such a future. No Tijan - it is not dangerous to discuss the possibility of a different Africa able to transform and use its enormous human and natural wealth to change the lives of its people. What is unhelpful is to refuse to see the possibility of a dynamic Africa free from aid and begging.