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The link between development and western style democracy is at best tenuous. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, etc did very well before embracing western style democracy. China is doing very well. Kagame's Rwanda is doing well because of his leadership. btw, the vote that took place in Rwanda is no less legitimate than the ons in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria. Rwanda is emerging as a country where there is clear vision because of Kagame's ledership. Leadership is not synonymous with democratic election. Nor democracy can be reduced to elections. And from that perspective, there are few countries in Africa where one can talk of democracy really. Corruption is rampant in countries where there were apparently clean elections. The point I want to make though is that the development debate on Africa should be based on facts, not ideology. As to "Dead Aid", one need not agree with the book, its premisses, analysis or prescriptions to get the essence of the message. And clearly there is one. I doubt though that the debate it ignited will endure.