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During hard times poor country try to seek financial aid to the most powerful country, but the problem arises when there is some political instability within the region that the suppose fund from other sector or foreign country has not been used effectively. We have to bear in mind that a strong political system has something to do with the economic growth of a particular country. Economic growth is not just about the fund but also lies on a strong political leadership that the country may have. It's not all about the money but the brilliant idea to create a change toward economic sustainability and poverty reduction.Anyway, despite of recession, P.F. Chang's remains the most popular restaurant chains of the last few years.The food is not authentic, and often heavily fried, and they have point blank admitted that it isn't authentic, and the restaurant is relatively high end compared with other Chinese restaurants – but not so much that you need a payday loan and a reservation. They have been one of the fastest expanding restaurant chains in North America in the last decade, and they don't seem to need debt relief as more P.F. Chang's keep going up.