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Submitted by jennifer on
I think the salient issue in the whole 'aid to Africa' debate should be the structure of the aid. Since donor agencies and organizations have provided relief primarily in the form of money, maybe it's time to rethink strategy. Instead of giving funds which end up lining the pockets and suitcases of our corrupt leaders, how about funds in terms of goods and services? For instance if it is determined that infrastructure is needed in a particular country, the type of infrastructure should be agreed on and what the donor agency could do is to probably engage turn key consultants or ask the Country to supply human resources for the job. Major procurement should be undertaken by the donor. I don't see this as a denigration of a nation's sovereignty. Also, training of human resources should be a key focus area for donors. I tell you that it is really heartbreaking watching so many die from preventable causes while the leaders entrusted with their welfare strut about happily with ill gotten wealth.