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Thank you, Shanta for your concern for Africa. I totally agree with you on the conclusion that now is the time in history when Africa greatly needs additional resources. However, the greatest problem in Africa is how what is given is being utilized. If this money ends up in private pockets then Africa will never change and the global financial crisis will turn to economic, political, social and human crisis. The level of corruption in Africa needs to be checked out for any meaningful development to take place. The rich or ‘haves’ get richer everyday while the poor or the ‘have-nots’ gets poorer on a daily basis. I will like to suggest that the IMF should be very strict on how the money is being used. If it does not target the poor in order to improve on their living conditions then the IMF is just wasting time. Also, priority should be given to important sectors like education and agriculture. Education should be sustainable for us to experience a change when all the countries in the world will be coming out of this financial crunch. More money should be used to review our educational programs. Things are changing everyday the world over but our programs are not changing. Africa is cut in a web and needs something more than money for it to come out. The youths need quality education that will make them more competitive and productive. This can only be done by giving more scholarships to students to acquire new knowledge in emerging fields like Information technology and biotechnology. In conclusion, people should not only focus on how much money is needed but on how this money is being spent to better the lives of mankind. Once more thank you Kibinkiri Eric Cameroon