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Submitted by Emmy Wasirwa on
It is true "user fees decrease access to basic services". We all understand that about 90% of Africans live on less than $1 a day and it is common knowledge that the same population rely on substance farming. It is also well documented that 88% of most African GDP rely on agriculture and needless to say most of the people who can pay most of these services are unemployed or those who are employed their income can not support them to access such services. For example a study conducted by Americans in Uganda in the last half of 2007 found that 75% of Ugandans dont have access to appropriate health care and there was a high percentage of pupil drop out in schools which requested to contribute towards their primary education. With all these it is common knolwedge that user fees have impact on the access of basic services for people in Africa. Therefore there is a need to investigate other ways of improving access to services or in other words investigate ways of putting money in peoples pockets to enable them pay for such services.