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Nowadays global economic crisis continued to threaten us. A lot of businesses and companies have been affected by this economic downturn. The ultimate means that we could have is to seek from government the funds that can be used to refinance most businesses but it seems that a lot of people are doubtless waiting on government help from the stimulus package in their times of trouble. A lot of companies do stumble even the most progressive one, they have no choice than to accept and fight against the recession. Anyway the General Motors is trying to convince the taxpayers to give them more short term loans to help them out and keep them from bankruptcy, a defect was found in 7 vehicles that carry the 3.8 Liter V6 – 3 Chevrolets, 1 Buick, 1 Oldsmobile, and 1 Pontiac. Luckily, none of these vehicles are newer than 2003. Affected models are from 1997 – 2003 model years of midrange sedans. 2004 owners and afterward can rest easy. Recalls are the least favorite things of car companies, even worse than non-obsolescent vehicles. Let's hope that nobody needs any personal loans to participate in the GM recall – GM should be footing the bill. Companies need to be more competitive during this hard time because if they won’t bankruptcy is likely to happen.