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This economic crisis clearly show how artificial is the economic situation of those so call developed country. In Africa more than 90% of people buy their house cash, more than 90% of people buy their car cash. No credit cart given unless you pay in advance. If no credit means economic crisis then we should not be surprised why Africa is always in crisis. Can we imagine all these big companies like GM are unable to survive without credit for only one month? America, Europe Economic situation collapse because no credit, so I wonder how Africa manage to survive without credit. We African should be proud of our economy as stronger than those so called developed country. African can afford to have nice house nice car if they are offered as American, European... no down payment credit to get a house and a car. I remember saving 4 years before buying my first car or saving years to be able to build a house. American and European don’t need to save, they just need to walk into the bank and get a mortgage for 30 years, how lucky they are?