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In South Africa we have the same problem with taxi drivers of mini buses.These mini buses are privately owned and the problem arose from the owners of the taxi buses(some of them own whole fleets) and they would employ drivers for their taxi buses and the arrangement would be that they could keep whatever income they derived after a certain amount for e.g. ZAR 5000.00.So this created the problem where the drivers would drive at break neck speeds to make as many loads in the morning get to work traffic and the same in the afternoons obviously in a bid to increase their income. Another cause of accidents was the fact that the mini buses were never serviced properly due to the fact that taking them off the road for a day was loss in earnings and also because the drivers of the taxi buses did not own the taxis,proper care was not taken of the taxis. To alleviate these above problems the South African government offered a cash amount to all taxi registered owners to upgrade their taxis so that the vehicles were safer and set a standard as to which vehiclec could be used as a taxi.This has helped but many taxi drivers are now asking for a bigger cash amount.