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From a personal perspective I can say the following.House prices were going way too high.I bought my home for ZAR380K at end of 2003 and it was valued at ZAR1.1M in early 2007.That is ridiculous and unsustainable and something had to give.The interest rates started rising and values started stabilising.In fact houses that were selling for ZAR2.5M a year ago are now selling for ZAR1.6M.That makes more sense.Now it looks like the interest rate is expected to drop 3.5% again and I hope that this time South Africans do not increase their selling price relative to the interest drop as has been done in the past.Our fuel price has dropped but that only helps in terms of the fuel we put in our cars.Fuel price cuts have not affected our food prices at all.The prices go up when the fuel price goes up but remains stagnant when the fuel prices drop.I imagine that the SA reserve bank is hoping to boost the economy a bit by dropping the interest rates but I dont expect a quick impact as so many people entered into arrangement with their mortgage bank to only pay the interest over this tough period so making available more disposable income is just going to mean that the homeowners can now start paying back their loan repayments in full and start decreasing the interest they have incurred over the bank helping period.In a nutshell I do not see commodity sales increasing in the short term at all.