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Submitted by Nneoma Nwogu on
Dear Shanta: I do not think that Collier's and Adebajo's positions are irreconcilable if we understand that service delivery by NGO's is an effective way of showcasing to citizens the sort of services they should expect from their government. Citizens, due to a lack of knowledge of their basic rights, their relationship to the state and the state's role in society, are unaware of their entitlements as citizens. As such, creating a non state based service delivery route creates an understanding of what citizens deserve as human beings. However, such service delivery ought to be coupled with the education that the NGO is a temporary substitute. In so doing, citizens are then made aware of what they should hold the state accountable for thus contributing to the strenghtening of the state. Holding governments accountable for your rights cannot be effectively taught by theory alone. People need to live those rights to understand it. Thanks. Nneoma V. Nwogu