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I think this is a very telling point, and it's unfortunate that opinions like this are not more prevalent. Reading through this blog and others like it, you wonder why so many people are spending line after line describing how bad poverty is. POVERTY IS BAD. We got it. It leads to disease and death. We understand. Aid needs to go to the right people who will do the right things and cause the right reforms while at the same time respecting the national and cultural sovereignty of the people and elevating everyone to an equal footing while providing everything the country needs to become self-sufficient. Yeah, right. Is anyone that naive? Do you expect the wealthy of any nation to just hand over their power just to "do the right thing" as you see it? The powerful in these nations did not become powerful by being such idealistic rubes. The truth is that there are no easy solutions, and that true reform will likely come at the expense of cultural heritage and autonomy. Force will be needed and used. Traditions will need to be reformed and demands and conditions placed on aid. It is unfortuneate, but just throwing money at the problem and expecting people to do the right thing by western standards will not work any better than it has to this point.