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Submitted by Dr Ibrahima Diagne on

Dear Shanta,

First of all I would like to thank Pr Kako Nubukpo, the moderators and you for the excellent TV programme. I have been positively surprised by the quality of this debate.

Beside the specific subject the debate illustrated through your initiative a fresh approach of the World Bank in trying to involve more the Africans in decision impacting the continent. The debate demonstrated also the availability of competent local expertise in Africa.

In my view it would be beneficial to all the parties to expand the reach of this approach.

  • it would signal that the World Bank can listen thus helping to restore its badly damaged image in the continent
  • it would encourage local African expertise and communities to engage more in the processes knowing that their views would be taking into account
  • it would help to dispel the belief that Africa is a doomed continent with no desire for progress and condemn to survive on aid.

I would like to make some practical suggestion

  • Debates should be made available in a downloadable format. Such format would allow more convenient watching and more importantly would enable shareability
  • The World Bank could be more proactive in reaching wider African communities by for example making sure that key local universities / civil society organisations are aware of blogs and web page that could be relevant to African societies and economies.
  • Local World Bank representatives should be encouraged to take part/organise debates with local expertise on issues relevant to the community
  • In consequence of expanding the information reach it could be expected an empowerment of the communities and thus facilitate the realisation of World Bank funded programmes that reflect more accurately local needs.


I. Diagne