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Submitted by jan on
I live in Zambia and occasionally send money with western union. Since September 2008 I witnessed several times that receivers are rejected at the counter. The reason they are given is that presently there were not enough senders, which results in a shortage of cash. I hold this to be an inacceptable excuse. Western Union is not a lending institution, it makes its profit with charges for transactions. That means the reason for a cash shortage at a western union branch cannot be a lack of senders (that would be a logical absurdity) but a failure of the main branch to submit cash to their branches in time. This delaying pattern is potentially fraudulent because Western Union can use the time gap between date of sending and date of payment to the receiver to let the senders money work for Western Union. Even if Western Union is not intentionally delaying the payment, for whatever reason, I find it scandalous since again it is the poorest who finally carry the weight of bad corporate management. Did you observe similar cases of delayed money transfers in other countries? Do you know more about the causes of the problem?