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Submitted by Olanrewaju Falusi on
Dr. Shanta has done a good work at what he knows to do best but also i just would like to add that in reality the free market is not just falling it is failing, thanks to the paycheck of global ceo's. i think in my opinion a repetition of this sort is going to happen in other african countries were fraud and corruption is going to eat up the system and result in a social upheal rather than economic down turn. Because many of the leaders are not only corrupt with public funds but also with private funds (such as the FDI's, Donations and Aid funds). Plus the possibility of a global energy crisis, the MDG objective may require more effort than it has been envisaged. We need to build simple societies devoid of greed and corruption with the required energy to produce goods and services and preserve our environment and culture. Africa need more capacity building than ever.