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Think Globally ,Act Locally ?! Every country must have 50 -50 Buffer or Limit of their Financial Reserved to enter a Global Market Economy. 50 % must be used for local market. The World Bank,IMF and Central Bank must have new regulation to protect the traditional markets in every country,because its of them are unique ! Can not be generalized ! Unity in Diversity ! Every nation and countries have their owned uniqueness . We can not forced them to become somebody-else.

Trust is the key how we run and build confidence in the Global Market. If the investor don't trust the institutions (my word is my bond ),the market will collapsed and become global economic crisis. Greed is the name of the Beast. The CEO and the professionals must have commitment and responsibility and code of conducts (fit and proper tests ) before they can enter the global markets. Now the Global Capital Markets are become " The Casino De Royalle" too many corporate (white collars)gamblers and speculators (wealth management/ fund managers ) for fees & commissions for every deal /transactions they made.

They don't care about the fundamental of savings and investments.The derivatives transactions and short selling jeopardized real investors. The Oceans can not only be filled just for WHALE ! So many different fishes and fauna lives in the oceans. Law of Nature Man ! Survival of the Fittest ! Fittest means Adaptation with the changing of climate and environment . Dinosaur T Rex were strong ,but they can not survived the climate changes. We must learned from that.