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Submitted by Emmett on

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank held their annual meetings over the weekend in Washington DC. I wonder whether any talks of refunds or compensations to third world countries were on the table in regards to the failed policies of the World Bank and IMF that forced third world countries to decentralize and open up to a “free market” economy before getting any loans or grants.

Now that the great USA, leader of the capitalistic ideology and patron of both the World Bank and IMF is backing off on its “free market” and government hands-off sermon, going full swing into government ownership of private companies as well as new plans to “nationalize” the banking system, is the World Bank or IMF planning to give out any bailout money to those poor third world countries who unwillingly agreed to their “free market” and decentralization plans and are now disillusioned, reeling in debt and bankrupt?