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Submitted by A.Mossad on

I find it very strange that the people are concerned about the intervention of the federal government of USA to bail out a huge banks that operated in the past for the economic development in the USA itself and the rest of the World. Free market should be remained a free market, it does not mean that it needs sometimes some help or assistance to avoid the bankrupcy.

The main issue here is: Can the World survive without the free market economy or finanical system?

I do personally believe in some case the Federal Government should act to (only) help those institutes, but not so deep interferance in their business. However, certain regulations can be renieuwed in order to face the new challanges and let the system function as it is.

If the institutes are in need for such help... the rest of the world badly needed. So, please no panic, but think about how we can survive in this difficult time not only the American Institutes, but for the rest of the world.