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Submitted by Abiodun on
Dear Shanta, I apologise for failing to respond in time to the issues you raised. Good to discuss the issue of Africa. Aids.. aids to Africa.. and for how long? Is the continent that bad? In fact when one talks about Africa, the region of reference is Sub-Saharan Africa. I am stating that the region contributes large proportion of the elements of nature which support life. The region is well endowed in natural resources. The problem of the region is poor management by humans. In other regions of the world humans that inhabit the places have managed to develop the places even though they donot have the natural resources as found in Africa. These same human beings contribute to help countries in Africa to get out of their problems, and some people think it has to continue. It may not. Sure, Africa has its problems which stem from improper management and corruption. I am of the opinion that the object of focus should be these factors. Humans that are 20 years and older already have inbibed a set behaviour and may not change, but the younger ones can still be put on the right track. Possible solution to the problem in Africa is to educate the young generation. Part of the education must touch on the evils of corruption and the need to stay away from corruption, respect for order, allegiance to one's country and the need to leave the environment in a better form than it is for the coming generation. A subject should teach these and other relevant topics to the young population. The culture in large part of African countries have been destroyed and modified by wars and conflicts of varying dimension. This has created a lifestyle of thuggery and disorder. So the citizens have to be de-militised. It is the people of the continent that will change the situation of the continent, let them not keep looking for aids from outsiders.