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Submitted by Joseph Mojoko Koroma on
The argument to increase aid in Africa can be viewed from two angles depending on one's school of thought. proponent of this argument believe that Africa should be rewarded through aids for any improvement made whether at the policy level or other socio-economic factors. Opponents on the other hand believe that increasing aid to Africa do not only create employment for citizens of the donor nations but also increases the rate of dependence on the power brokers. The latter view in my opinion stands a better chance of promoting African growth and independence. For long, the West has used aid as a remote control mechanism whereby African leaders have to dance to the tune of the power brokers. I think it is time for the West to partner with Africa instead of the Western world condescending to Africa. Africa has wealth and various resources. What is needed is capacity building, and creating an atmosphere of trust whereby Aids from the West mus tnot have a string attached that is detrimental to the receiving country. Take for instance the percentage of the aid money that go as salary for expatriates when such work could be done by nationals at a much lower rate. Wake up!