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Poverty is not fought by aid but you fight poverty with health, education and jobs and this is where most of the African countries have failed, but most importantly, Africa does not need aid; Africa needs to get rid of this dependency syndrome on aid. Aid has created a moral hazard when it comes to Africa’s development. Aid should be in form helping Africa achieve the necessary economic growth and sustainability. Thus, Africa's aid should be in form of allowing Africa's exports into western markets without a high imposition of tariffs on exports, leading to a serious trade deficit in most of the countries. It is a fact that most of Africa's governments have indulged in mass corruption and military spending instead of improving the welfare of their citizens using Aid. Aid has perpetuated the existence of incompetent and highly wasteful governments and this would be the time African countries started thinking about ways to generate internal revenues to spare development. I'm not saying that aid is bad but it should only be accepted in times of emergencies such as disasters to help the needy.