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Submitted by Biadeg on
Dear Dr Shanta: I fully agree with you. This is perhaps the ideal time to reinforce the growth and help Africa. I don't claim to know better than you folks. With all due respect to these great institutions like the W. Bank, IMF and other international donors and development agencies, in the past, their aid for the most part was flowing to unproductive areas, with no proper evaluations or tied to political, sphere of influence and other underlying reasons. This was specially apparent during the cold-war era, where the Super Powers coupled with corrupt leaders submerged Africa into poverty and hopelessness for ages. Today, the global political equation has changed. Most importantly, many African countries seems to learn from their past mistakes and most of all from inspiring fellow nations and leaders like Mandella and S. Africa. They seem to be overcritical to themselves and outsiders. Africa has still a long way to go in the course of development. However, there is no doubt that it is on the right track now. This is therefore the ideal time for international development agencies like the W. Bank and IMF, and rich countries to really help Africa pull its resources, energy and optimism to lift itself out of poverty once and for all. Please continue to use your power and influence to echo this great call for help to Africa. My Best Biadeg for Ethiopia & Africa