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Submitted by Udo Etukudo on
I do not agree that Aid to Africa must increase for the reason you have given - an improved policy environment. Simply carrying out reforms will not transform the average African economy into a Developed economy overnight. It all sounds too academic to me.The biggest operational challenge in most African economies today is securing adequate financing for the kind of investment spending that will form the catalyst for wealth creation and economic transformation critical for achieving national development objectives, and meeting MDG & poverty reduction targets. Aid, on the other hand, tends to be directed at non-catalytic soft targets that only helps to keep a bad situation from getting worse. Moreover, how realistic is it to pump in more Aid into economies that are massively underperforming, without jeopardizing macroeconomic stability? Historically, Aid flows have never been predictable no matter the policy environment. Raising levels of domestic resource mobilization is key ingredient that will put African economies on the path to sustained economic growth and development.