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I beleive the best way to help africa is to teach the people to think for themslves. This can be done by counteracting the effects of the many factors that are not allowing Africa in particular sub-saharan africa not to develop. Religion being the main factor, has played a great role in destabilizing the region in that it promotes larger families and 2000 years or more of values and traditions ( farming techniques) that do not correspond both in utility or neccessity to the challenges of the modern day world. Another factor is the aid itself in that in most cases it goes against the belief of prevention rather than cure. In the case of malria for example, i was working in a project in germany that wanted to help deaf children in uganda, and the main focus was on opening a school for deaf people cus of the effects of malaria. In one aspect this is important, in another aspect there was no initiation to use malaria prevention methods, bfr the mosquito breeding season. this , i believe ahs to change!