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It is unfortunate that however bad the situation may be for the continent, policy recommendations seem not to be in favour of taking people out of misery. If we thought of increasing aid 40 years ago we could have been right. But thinking of increasing aid after delivering for 40 years and seeing no significant change may be difficult to sell. Why don’t we stop giving aid to Africa and instead champion the effective use of natural resources (in the true meaning) and eliminating if not reducing corruption. If we give corrupt countries aid while the neighboring countries with wars, rebels and pirates, what do we expect? We must expect corruption, wars, insignificant intra-trade, poor monitoring and evaluation and an ever increasing need for aid. If aid was effective in Africa we could have not needed aid by now. if we can measure the amount of money lost in the mineral exploration/business, oil, money kept by African leaders in foreign accounts, un-collected revenue (due to inefficiency) and compare it with the amount of aid from developed countries? If the amount of aid is greater then we need more aid. If not then we should stop giving aid to Africa and think of the right policy recommendations for the continent. The solution for Africa must come from Africa.