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Submitted by Shabani on
To Sylvia (@social economy and philanthropy) Africa is not a country, it is a continent. I am very sick of seeing people discussing on Africa without even knowing the basis that even a baby of 1 day known. Again, Africa is a CONTINENT with more than 50 countries. Now, many of us are discussing the impact of foreign aid in Africa. I did not prefer to discuss the topic but to bring us just a little bit back in history, not the pre-Colombian time, just 20 years before Mobutu became President of Congo. Foreign Aid is not bad at all. Let us be clear with that. China, Greece, Italy, Poland, the Ukrainian SSR were beneficiaries of the UNRRA foreign aid. Spain, Korea, Brazil and many other countries have been (or still) some years ago recipients of foreign Aid from the international communities. In the 60's, DR Congo was more developed than South Korea. With foreign aid, remittances and technology transfer, all this built on a reliable government; South Korea is now the top leading country in the world. The DRC in going backward. I understood that in Africa, money per se is not the problem, but the governance is. No country can totally rely on foreign aid to build its economy, but if the governance and management of that amount of money in efficient and transparent, I think it can be more beneficial to the entire country and continent. In Africa we have some good examples of what a reliable government can do with Aid's money. But increasing Aid to countries that lack transparency, democracy and good governance would be a monumental mistake from development partners.