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Submitted by Truth on
I'm getting tired of people who want to seperate North Africa from Africa!!! Come on, WAKE UP, Africa is a CONTINENT... and you know what? By saying that Egypt for example is not in Africa, you are just playing colonist's game! Come on, think wisely, Egypt is the country that used to be the black egypt (just type out black egypt in youtube and you will understand)... If you acknowledge that, you recognize, we have been a great nation, we, Africans used to rule this world!!! ... You just have to see the map in the top, left side that Mr Devarajan put on this page. I'm Egyptian! And MOST important thing I'm AFRICAN... people from north America who don't want to admit that are people ashamed of their roots and who don't want to be treated like "poor bla bla" because of all the stereotypes that we encounter HERE in Africa!