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Submitted by oyelakin oluwatosn on
The only virus that has been plagueing Africa and which has been major impediment to growth and development in every facet is " Bad leadership" sincerely not only when this monster is confronted and defeated then will Africa grow. Besides corruption, Intellectual capacity need to be developed not just relying on what nature has given to us but harnessing it to developed other areas of human endeavour is equally important. Take a cue from Nigeria for instance, that Nation was doing very great prior to the oil boom , oil discovery eventually change the entire history of the nation from viability to vulnerability to everything negative in life.Nigeria used to be generating revenue from different sectors but now it has turn to a monoresource based country- reason is traceable to bad leaderaship which breed corruption and economic downturn. Poverty they say its Africa's major problem but i believe poverty is not our problem but a result of what is got when corruption reign,poor leadership in place and priorites are misplaced. The way foreward is simple we need to confront corruption and bad system of government in Africa. developed both human and natural resouces through investment in education and research, by so doing in few years to come African dependency on foreign aid will drastically reduced.