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Submitted by moges kifle on
I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Addis is the capital of the country. As an expert/senior Officer in the mayor's office, I have the desire to develop some urban governance performance indicator that indicate the progress of poverty reducing programs. The city's Strategic plan based annual plan of 2002 (Ethiopian calender) identifies key sectors that can reduce the cities major problem which is growth in unemployment. The city government take strong action to reduce the urban poverty using strategies like strengthening the Micro and Small Enterprises, delivering civil service program, expanding the Education and Health sector activities, proper land administration and reform that builds the Fiscal capacity of the city government. Hence, I would like to develop a reporting standard that can deliver relevant performance of the different institutions and the city's three governmental level structure. The first step I was decided to make is to build the capacity for developing knowledge in the area of how developing countries like Ethiopia monitor and evaluate their local government activities. In doing so, I need a free website address that can help me to get research paper done on the area of performance monitoring and evaluation or any other type of working papers. I have also a need a copy of World Bank Development Report 2004,2006 and 2008 freely down loaded in PDF format from the internet. Thank You