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Dear Shanta: Can I ask you why not eliminate poverty with time tested means of wealth creation? Why attempt poverty when you can eliminate it. Can we have a discussion on how to build wealth in Africa by ensuring that Farmers get appropriate price for their products. For instance Ethiopian Coffee considered speciality and premium coffee costs only $1.00 per pound at the Farmers shop or cooperatives in Ethiopia. The same coffee is processed and sold in US markets at price ranging from @5 to $125 depending on the quality and Commodity Exchange System. The Ethiopian farmer who produces the coffee gets less than $1.00 whereas the rent seeking middle men reap the profit to the tune of $125. You can apply the same analogy across all African Farmers produce. So, it is the Market and especially the criminal New York Commodity Exchange Ceners and four or so large Coffee traders who are creating the artificial poverty. Can you see how wealth creation should the onls solution to eliminate poverty. Try fair and free markets and regulations. I am sure President Obama can understand this better than the World Bank and IMF economists who do not get it. All the same, your attempt is great but I feel it is so obvious and you do not need all those exotic graphs to show that wealth creation and market valuation are the real source of prosperity! Would you have the courage to admit this or are you going to keep on charting your economic data which by the way needs statistical validation for accuracy and implications! Thank you Belai Jesus, MD, MPH Global Strategic Enterprises 4 Peace & Prosperity