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Dear Shanta It IS really nice of an economist to think of the falling standards of agriculturists. Though, i being an Engineer will not understand so much of economics, but I do understand that subsidies might have done more harm to real farmers and the larger population that consumes the product. Subsidies might have helped the bigger farmers who in fact are sort of businessman, manufacturers of chemical fertilsers etc., If one could collect data on the amount of subsidy and real improvement in lifestyles of real farmers, it may reveal the facts. The most benefited person in agriculture is the middleman. The world needs to think of a system where the correct price is paid to the farmer. The farmer may be getting only 20% of the sale price. The challenge is to give more to farmer and reduce the cost of chain from farmer to end user. It also needs to be examined whether using chemical fertilizers has really helped mankind or lead to more health problems like orthoposis and hence now going back to organic products- if so then why are we continuing with subsidy on chemical fertilizers- let the yield be less but safe for health.