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As an avid reader of your posts Shanta, especially in Africa, the recent advent of mass land acquisitions in Africa, the latest in the DR Congo by Agri-Sa, the South African Agriculture union. In relation to poverty reduction, with bigger farmers and their capital inputs, they will indeed become more productive, but the smaller farmers without those inputs cannot be expected to become more productive, and they will be undercut by the cheaper produce by the land investors, leaving them with no livelihood, and thus condemning them to poverty. I think we may see a situation as we have seen in banking, there will be fewer and larger food producers, a concentration of all the investment for them, and not much left for anyone else, I don't see how most of those employed in agriculture will benefit when larger land owners keep the benefits to themselves and only give cheaper food prices, but no income to the smaller land owners. I'd appreciate any comments or replies to this idea, also check my website where I wrote on this topic nearly a fortnight ago. Regards Stanley.